Frequently Asked Questions: We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information, simply send email to info@aqulaitygaragedoor.net or call 1(877)366-7739 with questions or immediate service. 1.SHOULD WE REPAIR OR REPLACE OUR EXISTING GARAGE DOOR? That overall is a personal decision. Our favorite response is, if it doesn’t need to be replaced, then we can fix it. If by chance you have a door that is caving in under it’s own weight, than Yes, you may need a replacement. Other than that, if your door usually goes up and down with out much effort and may only has a broken part or two, than the chances are wecan have it back in ship shape and save you hundreds of dollars in the process. Chances are it is a broken spring. Door springs are located on different parts of the garage door depending on the type of door locations for broken parts and separations, then contact our office for service. 2.MY DOOR WON’T GO DOWN. WHAT IS WRONG? 9 times out of 10, it is the photo eyes (i.e. Safety reverse system) part of your garage door opener. It will not go down if the eyes have been miss-aligned or are obstructed by something in your garage. The best thing to do is to check the indicating lights on the eyes themselves. The eyes are located at the sides of the garage door opening near the floor (if you have them, older models don’t). The lights may be green, red, or yellow depending on the model. One on each side. The important point is if any are looseness and alignment. They need to be pointed directly at each other to receive a signal, then the light will stop blinking. When both lights are on and constant your opener should regain it’s operation. If not, call us immediately for options or service. 3.CAN I CHANGE A BROKEN SPRING MYSELF? Click Here for more Info Yes, you can, but it is not advised. Some springs for the old wood doors are still sold in hardware stores. The only problem with that is getting the right spring size, then having to put it on. The other new types of roll up doors have a spring design that is very dangerous and should only be serviced by a trained professional. After all, if a spring breaks, isn’t it about time to have the whole door checked out by a professional?