Garage Door Opener Fullerton

Garage door opener Fullerton with one of our garage doors available with an integrated system that maximizes performance and reliability. Our full line of automatic openers features a variety of power levels and specifications to handle different garage door weights and sizes. We offer a wide variety of additional garage door opener accessories.​​​

Skylink Chain Drive DC Motor (Variable Speed).

Features: Model #2717 (5) Year Warranty (Not Home Link Compatible) Deluxe Wall Console A Very Quiet & Sensitive Model.
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Lift Master Chain Drive AC Motor 1/2 HP..

Features: Professional Series 3265 (not contractors Series) Lifetime Warranty on Motor, 2 Remote Controls, Deluxe Wall Console/ Multi-Function, Home Owner Grade, 2 Lights for Better visibility(Most Dependable in the industry).
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Genie Screw Drive AC Motor 1/2 HP.

Features: Model #8700Lifetime Warranty on Motor, 2 Remote Controls, Strongest in the Industry, Custom Installations Ready, Home Link Compatible (Considered the Work Horse in the industry)
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Marantec Belt Drive DC Motor 1/2 HP

Features: Model # M4700E Lifetime Warranty On All Parts (except Remotes)2 Remote Controls, Modular Deluxe Wall Console (The Best in the industry, Very Quiet, Sensitive, Lifetime warranty on all parts except remotes, We’d Like to believe this one is as quiet as a household lamp.)
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