Garage Door Replacement in Fullerton?

Thinking about garage door replacement in Fullerton? Replacing a garage door isn’t cheap. Its costs can vary depending on the type and style of door you buy, whether you need to repair or replace the hardware that allows the door to open and close smoothly, and even whether you need to resize the doorway or reframe the exterior.

Most cities have a large number of contractors who specialize in garage door repair and installation Fullerton. Give all of them a call and find two or three who will give you a written estimate. You might also want to compare garage door costs offered by A Quality Garage Door.


What Impact Does a Garage Door Replacement in Fullerton Costs?

Garage door replacement in Fullerton often also include new tracks (the metal parts in which the rollers move up and down). Homeowners can choose from several types and styles of garage doors, including:

  • – Swing-up or tilt-up doors. These come in a solid piece that swings up from the floor and pulls into the ceiling.
  • – Swing-out doors. These open outwards from the center, much like a gate.
  • – Roll-up or sectional doors. Roll-up doors may be the most popular type of garage doors. They open from the bottom and slide into a track along with the ceiling.
  • – Sliding doors. These open to the side by sliding along a track.

The materials from which a garage door is made can also greatly impact its cost. The most expensive doors are custom-made, appearance-grade wooden doors made of redwood, hemlock, cedar, or mahogany. Fully loaded doors include features like windows, shatterproof glass, trim and panels, and multiple colors. Expensive styles include carriage doors, French doors, and walk-through doors, while roll-ups and tilt-ups are the cheapest.

Call for Garage Door Replacement in Fullerton

No matter the price, a garage door should last a minimum of 5 to 10 years. If you need a garage door replacement in Fullerton, give us a call at (888) 623-6677 and we’ll help you to identify the problem with upfront pricing so you know what to expect and what garage door repair Fullerton you are paying for.