When your garage door won’t open or won’t close

Sometimes your garage door can be frustrating when they go on the fritz, while the garage door openers are great working. In that worst situation, replacing the remote's batteries don't work at all but since that didn’t solve the problem, it only makes sense to troubleshoot some other common issues that could be preventing the door from opening.


Frequently troubleshooting guide

Find the problem when your garage door won't open or garage door won't close.

  • Make sure the opener is plugged in.
  • Check the circuit breaker that powers the opener.
  • Check to see if the trolley has been disconnected.
  • If you suspect the problem is in the remote, try resetting it.
  • Clean the photo-eye.
  • Adjust the opener’s pulling force.
  • The door might be off the track.
  • A torsion spring has broken.

Consult a pro like A Quality Garage Door

If the above remedies didn’t fix the door, it’s time to call A Quality Garage Door repairman who will be able to diagnose your problem faster and handle it more safely. Give us a call at (888) 623-6677 and we’ll help you to identify the problem with upfront pricing so you know what to expect and what garage door service you are paying for.

Is it dangerous to replace garage door spring?

garage door spring replacement costIs it that dangerous to change yours on Garage Door Torsion Springs? Well, the short answer is if you do not know what you’re doing, then yes. The procedures are pretty simple, but they involve many steps that must be done in the proper order, just like the pros do it. The spring is potentially dangerous until it is fully unwound. By contrast, extension springs have little or no tension when the garage door is fully open.

When you hire a pro, make sure to ask about the quality of the springs they will install. They may well offer several grades of springs to choose from, at a range of costs.

Garage Door Torsion Springs are not created equal

This is a story of a new customer who had recently called the first Garage Door Repair Company they could find on the Internet to fix their garage door. They noticed their garage door would not go up when they were on their way to a funeral, and needed somebody right away. It turned out they called in a service that sold the lead to another Service provider in their network.

Everything went fine, or so it seemed, as they provided service the same day and got them out of a tricky situation during a family emergency. What struck me in the customer both was, why did they only change one spring? After asking if you questions of the customer, the serviceman offered to replace the one spring for $250 and would then replace the other torsion spring for an additional $250. It seemed like too much so he opted for theOne spring to be changed at the time.

Less than a year later this happened.

Is it dangerous to replace garage door springWhat you're seeing is one galvanize torsion spring and one old oil temperature spring which is now broken. We arrive to change the one spring for a home warranty company at a greatly reduced price.

While doing the work, we normally do to confirm the size and weight of the door for a proper spring change, we noticed on a 200-pound door and an additional 115 pounds necessary for lift. What that equates to is the one spring that was put on by the other company was only lifting 85 pounds and seem like it was also overwound to try and compensate for being even weaker. Basically, it appeared as if the door had been left out of balance.
Nonetheless while considering these factors with the homeowner, they opted to get an additional spring to match instead of the one we are putting on which was a fantastic choice since we are offering a lifetime warranty and much higher cycle springs.

Is it dangerous to replace garage door springThis is a quality of broken garage door spring you can see with your eyes even if you don't understand our industry charts. It's commonly known in our industry that by simply adding 1 inch to spring you can oftentimes add up to or even over 4000 cycles of life to spring. That could mean as much as a year or two depending on how often you operate your garage door.

Based on our charts, and confirmed with the customer during his decision-making process, we had determined that the spring used by the other contractor, he was providing an 18,000 cycle set of springs and the springs we put on for him were 30,000 cycles. Nearly doubling the life you'll get just by using Springs a bit longer nearly doubling the life you'll get just by using Springs a bit longer.

It is a joy to see fantastic work done by many in our industry, unfortunately, it is all too rare. We hear too many stories of people paying way too much, and getting way too little in return.

We hope you use this information to find quality work from high-quality workers. Also, do your best to get your pricing upfront so you don't get caught with a low service fee and a higher price when they arrive. If you have any questions or would like some free troubleshooting over the phone at (888) 623-6677, don't hesitate to let us know, we’ll help you to identify the problem.

Who do you call to fix a garage door?

Who do you call to fix a garage door repairWhile some people may be tempted to call a neighbor, or a handyman in order to keep costs low, the simple answer is, call a qualified garage door repairman. Qualified then means to have a history of reputable service, a demeanor of willingness to please, and be licensed for their field in the state in which they operate. Other factors should come in to play. Several of which shall be listed below.
When you consider all of these factors in mind, these will help you make an educated buying decision.

First of all, on your initial consultation with a phone call to the company about your service and repair job, you should be able to gauge the competency of the service personnel handling your phone call, as being a strong indicator of how well they’ll be able to handle your service as requested and any other potential problems that may arise. Another strong indication of how well your service will be performed is the experience level of the company you choose. Such as, how long they’ve been in business, can you find any previous history about this company and a general feel of how long they shall be in business?

Conscientiousness is a strong indicator of the motivations that will guide them through every single repair. If you can tell that they have a strong desire to complete the job in a timely manner, you would then should feel no not of trust towards the company you’re working with or choosing to work with. One of the easiest indicators of how well your job will go our references for previous jobs they’ve done in the past. If you’ve read any reviews from other people or can recognize in photographs and blogs that their work is solid, that should give you a firm understanding of the quality of work that you should expect for your home.

We like to think we have the best customers in the world. As a result of the work we do for them, many of them have taken their precious time to give us recommendations viewable online. Please feel free to read through some of these responses from previous service customers, to gauge our credibility and quality of work. Again, we are very proud of the repeat customers who count on us daily. If you’re a new customer, we will gladly wish to include you onto this list of treasured patrons.

Feel free to call us today and gauge our willingness to be of service. Remember, your garage door repair doesn’t end on the day it’s fixed, but should continue for years to come. That’s how we view things. Other companies have not stopped wanting to serve you, but they may have likely stopped wanting to serve you better. Let us be a better service.

Thank you for trusting in us. Thank you.

Deric Davidson

DIY Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

In the home improvement world there's a common recommendation regarding garage door spring repair: always leave it to the pros. Some springs for the old wood doors are still sold in hardware stores. The only problem with that is getting the right spring size, then having to put it on. The other new types of roll-up doors have a spring design that is very dangerous and should only be serviced by a trained professional. After all, if a spring breaks, isn't it about time to have the whole door checked out by a professional? Click Here for More Info

Can I change a broken garage door spring myself?

DIY Broken Garage Door Spring RepairYes! You can, but it is not advised because it's not as hard-and-fast as most sources claim. The procedures are pretty simple, but they involve many steps that must be done in the proper order, just like the pros do it. The spring is potentially dangerous until it is fully unwound. By contrast, extension springs have little or no tension when the garage door is fully open.

Professionals can replace broken garage door spring in an hour or two. When you hire a pro, make sure to ask about the quality of the springs they will install. They may well offer several grades of springs to choose from, at a range of costs.

What to do if your garage door won’t go down?

This is one of the most common service issues your garage door can have. There are a myriad of reasons for this and we’ll explain the most frequent ones. There may be something blocking the safety beam, which will not allow the door to come down. 9 times out of 10, it is the photo eyes (i.e. Safety reverse system). It is a part of your garage door opener Fullerton which may have gotten bumped into and are out of alignment. The easiest way to tell if they are out of alignment is to look at the lights on the eyes themselves.

Why garage door is not going all the way down

Why garage door is not going all the way down?

It will not go down if the eyes have been miss-aligned or are obstructed by something in your garage. If you have a garage door opener installed and when you press the button the door moves just a little and reverses OR doesn’t move at all in conjunction with the light on your garage door opener (up on the ceiling) blinking this is an indication of a safety photo eye issue.

The best thing to do is to check the indicating lights on the eyes themselves. The eyes are located at the sides of the garage door opening near the floor. The lights may be green, red, or yellow depending on the model. One on each side. The important point is if any are looseness and alignment. They need to be pointed directly at each other to receive a signal, then the light will stop blinking. When both lights are on and constant your opener should regain its operation. If not, and find you’re in need of service, give us a call immediately for options or services.

Should I repair or replace our existing Garage Door?

If your garage door is old, functioning poorly or not energy efficient, you will need to decide if it makes more sense to repair or replace your door. While repairs may save you money in the short term, you need to also consider the value a new garage doors can add in the long run.

Should I repair or replace our existing Garage DoorThat overall is a personal decision. Our favorite response is, if it doesn't need to be replaced, then we can fix it. If by chance you have a door that is caving in under its own weight, then Yes, you may need a replacement. Other than that, if your door usually goes up and down without much effort and may only have a broken part or two, then the chances are we can have it back in ship shape and save you hundreds of dollars in the process.

There are many parameters to consider, before deciding if you should replace the garage door, or repair it:

  • 1 - What is the current condition of the garage door.
  • 2 - What kind of damage is stopping the garage door.
  • 3 - How old is the garage door.
  • 4 - What parts need to be repaired or replaced.
  • 5 - Opener: what is the condition of the garage door opener.
  • 6 - What is the budget for the project?
  • 7 - Safety - is it safe to use the same garage door?

If the garage door is broken, do not use it; and if fixing the door will not ensure that the door will be fully operated, and safe for use, do not fix it. We at A Quality Garage Door will never repair garage door, and leave a customer with a door which isn’t safe for use. There is no money in the world that worth safety.

How much does a broken garage door spring replacement cost?

garage door spring replacement costThis is a great question, and I’m extremely pleased to find that people are actually educating themselves on this. We like to preface this answer with the question, do you prefer a cheaper spring or a better quality spring?

To get right to the answer though, I’ve seen the springs on receipts from other companies ranging from $195 on up to $600. No the actual fair price for a two car side garage door should not be more than $300 with only one exception which I will explain later.

Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost

Broken garage door spring repair. Most modern garage doors are of a standard steel sectional type. The weight of those doors range anywhere from 120 pounds to 340 pounds although the price should not vary at all in that range. These type of doors generally have two springs and occasionally only one spring. This particular door category makes up about 80% of all the doors in service today.  If your garage door is somewhat white with squares on the front, you’ll likely fit in this category.

Another type of garage door worth mentioning is a one piece garage door. Often made out of wood, this is a bit different, as it generally has four small springs and the price to replace all four should not exceed $195. Again with few exceptions based on the door being out of a standard 16‘ wide by  7‘ high size range.

The other exception would be a carriage house door that has 4 industrial size springs. These doors can be identified by being extremely large/heavy and have a custom decorative wood surface. The springs for these doors are not generally in stock with local vendors. In fact, they are usually cut to order and therefore they are special sizes for each individual door size and weight. The fair price for a carriage house garage door spring replacement would be about $1500.

Other practices in the industry have been reported to us that other providers are offering Garage Doors on a price per inch basis. I would say good and a bad, but mostly bad because the longer the spring the longer it lasts for the better of torsion spring is. But now it seems like they’re going to make you pay more for it instead of offering it upfront at a flat rate as a standard. Why don’t companies just be upfront? And to top it off, they generally tell you that they have to determine the link required only after that to your home and you’re already invested some time and money.

brand new garage doorsTo clarify everything upfront, we have a value proposition provided from us. One of them is based on the life of the spring. It’s a garage door spring that comes with your brand new garage doors, directly from the factory are generally a 10,000 cycle spring. Recycle is a full door open and full door close. What makes us different is that we carry 30,000 type cycle springs as a standard. Also, we carry 2- pair of seven different sizes on our trucks to ensure that the balance is correct from our spring assortment when we arrive at your home.

And then, we backed that up with a lifetime warranty, because we know that if we put on the life long spring, it’ll be a long time before you need that replaced and you’ll be thinking about us the whole time.

Call us today for upfront competitive pricing from an honest and qualified garage door repair company you can trust. We will help you determine your garage door type and pricing to take some of the guesswork out of this whole process for you.

We Thank you, and hope to live up to all your fondest expectations.

What to Consider in a Garage Door Repair Company?

What to Consider in a Qualified Garage Door Repair CompanyChoosing the right garage door repair company near me can be complicated, especially if there are several service providers that serve your area. Here are some things you need to look for in a garage door repair company near me:


  • Experience goes a long way when it comes to a garage door repair company near me. Technicians working for an established garage door repair company near me have the equipment and training necessary to fix your garage door. If you are looking for an experienced garage door repair company near me, turn to A Quality Garage Door. Our company has more than 40 years of experience in garage door repair in various areas in California.

Quality Products and Services

  • A garage door is one of the main entry points of most homes and secures you from intruders and extreme weather conditions. That is why you cannot compromise quality when you hire a garage door repair company near me. Turn to A Quality Garage Door if you need a garage door repair company near me. Our company offers top-notch repair services and provides high-quality C.H.I. brand doors. Choose from our wide selection of products, including windowless garage doors and long panel varieties.

Fast Service

  • Garage door problems may happen when you least expect them, such as on a morning when you are rushing to work. Additionally, a damaged garage door may also pose security issues. Burglars may take advantage of your situation and steal your belongings. That is why it is important to contact a garage door repair company near me as soon as possible. Choose a garage door repair company near me that can send out a technician at the soonest available time. A Quality Garage Door provides same day garage door repair and maintenance service and 24/7 emergency garage door repair in Los Angeles and Orange County. 

Well Behaviour

  • Customer service starts from the moment you communicate with a garage door repair company near me. The staff working for a service provider must be attentive to your needs. Look for a garage door repair company near me that values their customers. A Quality Garage Door is a Christian-based company. We treat every customer the same way we want to be treated.

Good Reputation

  • A good reputation is not something that a company earns overnight. Clients may give positive feedback and even recommend a garage door repair company near me with good service. You may check out the online reviews of a garage door repair company near me and learn about their customer’s experience. 

Reasonable Cost

  • The service fee is one of the first things you should consider when hiring a garage door repair company near me. During your initial consultation, don’t forget to ask about the rates of a garage door repair company near me. Clarify whether their rates are fixed or if additional charges may apply.

Learn more about garage door here.

How Much Should A Garage Door Repair Cost?

garage door repair costThe average garage door repair cost in Fullerton from an honest company is roughly $175-$195 depending upon your demographic. That may be less outside of metro areas. With some jobs being as simple as a basic service call charge ranging to a full-blown door reconstruction, the general range should be anywhere from $85-$395 to repair your garage door opener.

Garage Door Repair Cost

If we’re talking about the repair of a garage door opener Fullerton, the average cost should be $125. Some of your most complex systems or electronics can rage to about $250 total, that in itself is about the halfway price to a new garage door opener altogether. Most garage door opener repairs are simple and can be handled with troubleshooting over the phone. You can generally tell an honest company from the rest as they will prefer to give you an upfront price and stick with it when they arrive. All you have to do is explain your problem in detail in a highly qualified garage door company can tell you the problem, tell you the price and how to fix it, and then bring the right parts for the job.

There is another type of approach to customer acquisition that uses tactics such as a low upfront cost to get to your home and then a grossly inflated price when they arrive knowing that a majority of people are not educated enough and want it done now, that they take the gamble and except the service at prices inflated up to 300%.

Most every garage door repair Fullerton and garage door opener repair can be grouped into two categories. Will your garage door not open, or will your garage door not close. Knowing that, telling your preferred company representative which position your garage door is in and what you were trying to make it due can help them determine quickly the cost associated with your repair.

As most every repaired job has commonalities, just describing the symptoms should clue any qualified repairman the necessary information to start to give you pricing before they ever arrive at your home. If they insist they need to see it first, think twice about using them, and call around to see if you get a better feel from a different company.

Naturally, we give free troubleshooting and advice over the phone and provide competitive pricing without the need for you to pay for a service visit in order to receive the quotes you’re looking for. Some troubleshooting may not be available to all clients as physical abilities may not make that possible. If that is the case, we do ask a minimum service call charge of $85 and the rest of the work would be plus parts. So $85 plus parts is a very honest approach.

We live by this belief, that we do ask $85 and see how much we can give when we get there, while other companies ask a $29 service call and see how much they can get when they get there. I certainly hope this information is helpful and I’m more than willing to offer additional advice over the phone. Please call us before making your final decision and you’ll see why we are not only the most qualified garage door repair company in the Southland but the friendliest people in the business. 🙂

Garage Door Replacement in Fullerton?

garage door replacement cost in RiversideThinking about garage door replacement in Fullerton? Replacing a garage door isn’t cheap. Its costs can vary depending on the type and style of door you buy, whether you need to repair or replace the hardware that allows the door to open and close smoothly, and even whether you need to resize the doorway or reframe the exterior.

Most cities have a large number of contractors who specialize in garage door repair and installation Fullerton. Give all of them a call and find two or three who will give you a written estimate. You might also want to compare garage door costs offered by A Quality Garage Door.

What Impact Does a Garage Door Replacement in Fullerton Costs?

Garage door replacement in Fullerton often also include new tracks (the metal parts in which the rollers move up and down). Homeowners can choose from several types and styles of garage doors, including:

  • - Swing-up or tilt-up doors. These come in a solid piece that swings up from the floor and pulls into the ceiling.
  • - Swing-out doors. These open outwards from the center, much like a gate.
  • - Roll-up or sectional doors. Roll-up doors may be the most popular type of garage doors. They open from the bottom and slide into a track along with the ceiling.
  • - Sliding doors. These open to the side by sliding along a track.

The materials from which a garage door is made can also greatly impact its cost. The most expensive doors are custom-made, appearance-grade wooden doors made of redwood, hemlock, cedar, or mahogany. Fully loaded doors include features like windows, shatterproof glass, trim and panels, and multiple colors. Expensive styles include carriage doors, French doors, and walk-through doors, while roll-ups and tilt-ups are the cheapest.

Call for Garage Door Replacement in Fullerton

No matter the price, a garage door should last a minimum of 5 to 10 years. If you need a garage door replacement in Fullerton, give us a call at (888) 623-6677 and we’ll help you to identify the problem with upfront pricing so you know what to expect and what garage door repair Fullerton you are paying for.