Emergency Garage Door Repair

Emergency Garage door repairs.


Garage doors work perfectly every day. And then it happens. The occasional break down and it seems to happen at the worst possible time. After hours, on a weekend or even worse, a holiday!

Easy Door Repair

Some door problems are easy to deal with. Your regular garage door opener failure means that you just disconnect it and work your door by hand and other problems like broken garage door springs can wait until a repair person can be out the next day.


Though what happenes when your door won't close overnight, or you have a car trapped inside on an important day, what then? Answer: Us. We will get you through this little ordeal.


Sometime in life, you may need an emergency garage door repair. If that is you, and that is now, call without delay  866-RUSH-4-You or 866-787-4496.


Emergency Garage Door Near Me

Following is an example of an emergency garage door repair we recently had in Chino Hills California during the evening hours.


From the outside side at night, it may be hard to see the real difficulty the door is in.

Emergency garage door repair

From the inside you can see how bad the door problem is. It came off track and is now wedged in place. See the post for the details on the repair.
Chino Hills Garage Door Repair before inside

Here is a another job well done as viewed from the inside.
Chino Hills Garage Door Repair After

At last, the door is closed and safe for the night  🙂

Emergency garage door repair after outside

Please call us any minor or real emergency, we will be there for you.