Garage Door Cable Drum Replacement

Garage Door Cable Drum Replacement

A working garage door can have many problems which can make it difficult for a person to open or close a garage door properly. Therefore, it is necessary to check all parts every three months to ensure that they are working properly. Your garage door’s cables are another important component. It plays a vital role in making the garage door go up and down. It also helps to protect people from injury in case the spring breaks. That is why it is important that a garage door cable is properly aligned.

Today we will discuss about the garage door cable drum replacement if it stops working but before that, let’s see what a garage door cable does?

What a Garage Door Cable Does?

Garage door cable drum replacement helps your door operate smoothly, as the cable goes through the torsion spring and lifts the door up. You’ll see the cables in cable drums at both ends of the axle on which the springs reside. They run from the roller brackets on the bottom corners of the door to the cable drums. When you raise a garage door, the springs unwind and the energy (tension) that is stored helps to lift the door. At this time the cables wrap around grooves in the cable drum. When you lower the door, these cables unwind from the cable drum and rewind the springs to their full tension.

Causes of the Garage Door Cables Breaking

There can be various reasons for the cable to stop working and come off track. The cable and the spring should have the right amount of tension between them. If the balance is not correct, it can cause a problem because the spring would break or maybe because the drum is of the wrong size. And if your garage door won’t open and such problem occurs then broken cables can put a damper on your day, because of the danger in working with high-torsion springs and the cables.

Call a Professional Garage Door Repair Service

Garage doors are very heavy and can be difficult or impossible to operate when the cables are broken. If you want to save yourself from injuries, we recommend that you call a professional garage door repair service instead of undertaking the task by yourself. Avoid the risk and headache by calling A Quality Garage Door! We offer same-day service, great warranties, and the kind of service you remember for years past. Call us now on (888) 623-6677 for more information.