How much does a broken garage door spring replacement cost?

garage door spring replacement costThis is a great question, and I’m extremely pleased to find that people are actually educating themselves on this. We like to preface this answer with the question, do you prefer a cheaper spring or a better quality spring?

To get right to the answer though, I’ve seen the springs on receipts from other companies ranging from $195 on up to $600. No the actual fair price for a two car side garage door should not be more than $300 with only one exception which I will explain later.

Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost

Broken garage door spring repair. Most modern garage doors are of a standard steel sectional type. The weight of those doors range anywhere from 120 pounds to 340 pounds although the price should not vary at all in that range. These type of doors generally have two springs and occasionally only one spring. This particular door category makes up about 80% of all the doors in service today.  If your garage door is somewhat white with squares on the front, you’ll likely fit in this category.

Another type of garage door worth mentioning is a one piece garage door. Often made out of wood, this is a bit different, as it generally has four small springs and the price to replace all four should not exceed $195. Again with few exceptions based on the door being out of a standard 16‘ wide by  7‘ high size range.

The other exception would be a carriage house door that has 4 industrial size springs. These doors can be identified by being extremely large/heavy and have a custom decorative wood surface. The springs for these doors are not generally in stock with local vendors. In fact, they are usually cut to order and therefore they are special sizes for each individual door size and weight. The fair price for a carriage house garage door spring replacement would be about $1500.

Other practices in the industry have been reported to us that other providers are offering Garage Doors on a price per inch basis. I would say good and a bad, but mostly bad because the longer the spring the longer it lasts for the better of torsion spring is. But now it seems like they’re going to make you pay more for it instead of offering it upfront at a flat rate as a standard. Why don’t companies just be upfront? And to top it off, they generally tell you that they have to determine the link required only after that to your home and you’re already invested some time and money.

brand new garage doorsTo clarify everything upfront, we have a value proposition provided from us. One of them is based on the life of the spring. It’s a garage door spring that comes with your brand new garage doors, directly from the factory are generally a 10,000 cycle spring. Recycle is a full door open and full door close. What makes us different is that we carry 30,000 type cycle springs as a standard. Also, we carry 2- pair of seven different sizes on our trucks to ensure that the balance is correct from our spring assortment when we arrive at your home.

And then, we backed that up with a lifetime warranty, because we know that if we put on the life long spring, it’ll be a long time before you need that replaced and you’ll be thinking about us the whole time.

Call us today for upfront competitive pricing from an honest and qualified garage door repair company you can trust. We will help you determine your garage door type and pricing to take some of the guesswork out of this whole process for you.

We Thank you, and hope to live up to all your fondest expectations.