How Much Should A Garage Door Repair Cost?

The average garage door repair cost in Fullerton from an honest company is roughly $175-$195 depending upon your demographic. That may be less outside of metro areas. With some jobs being as simple as a basic service call charge ranging to a full-blown door reconstruction, the general range should be anywhere from $85-$395 to repair your garage door opener.

Garage Door Repair Cost

If we’re talking about the repair of a garage door opener Fullerton, the average cost should be $125. Some of your most complex systems or electronics can rage to about $250 total, that in itself is about the halfway price to a new garage door opener altogether. Most garage door opener repairs are simple and can be handled with troubleshooting over the phone. You can generally tell an honest company from the rest as they will prefer to give you an upfront price and stick with it when they arrive. All you have to do is explain your problem in detail in a highly qualified garage door company can tell you the problem, tell you the price and how to fix it, and then bring the right parts for the job.

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There is another type of approach to customer acquisition that uses tactics such as a low upfront cost to get to your home and then a grossly inflated price when they arrive knowing that a majority of people are not educated enough and want it done now, that they take the gamble and except the service at prices inflated up to 300%.

Most every garage door repair Fullerton and garage door opener repair can be grouped into two categories. Will your garage door not open, or will your garage door not close. Knowing that, telling your preferred company representative which position your garage door is in and what you were trying to make it due can help them determine quickly the cost associated with your repair.

As most every repaired job has commonalities, just describing the symptoms should clue any qualified repairman the necessary information to start to give you pricing before they ever arrive at your home. If they insist they need to see it first, think twice about using them, and call around to see if you get a better feel from a different company.

Naturally, we give free troubleshooting and advice over the phone and provide competitive pricing without the need for you to pay for a service visit in order to receive the quotes you’re looking for. Some troubleshooting may not be available to all clients as physical abilities may not make that possible. If that is the case, we do ask a minimum service call charge of $85 and the rest of the work would be plus parts. So $85 plus parts is a very honest approach.

We live by this belief, that we do ask $85 and see how much we can give when we get there, while other companies ask a $29 service call and see how much they can get when they get there. I certainly hope this information is helpful and I’m more than willing to offer additional advice over the phone. Please call us before making your final decision and you’ll see why we are not only the most qualified garage door repair company in the Southland but the friendliest people in the business. 🙂